Mrs. Winans's Class
Our Morning Prayer:
The sun is rising in the sky. Thank you, God, that You and I Can be together for this day. Guide me as I work and play. Amen

Fruit of the Spirit Prayer:
Help me, dear Lord, to show love, joy, and peace,
Goodness and self-control, too.
May I be patient and gentle and kind,
And always be faithful to You.

Opportunity for Volunteer Hours:
Back to School Picnic Saturday, Aug. 19

Scholastic Book Orders are due this Friday, August 18

Aug. 14-18

Math- We are reviewing adding basic facts. Vocabulary cards came home Monday.

English- This week we are working on sentences, deciding what is a sentence, capitalizing, punctuation, and telling sentences.

Phonics- We are reviewing our vowels (long and short sounds) and consonants this week. There will be an assessment on Friday.

Reading- This week we are reading a book from our reader called "Three Up a Tree". They will bring their book home every night to read the story. Please read this with your child. Students have a copy of the vocabulary and high frequency words to study. They will have tests over both on Friday.

Science/Social Studies- This week we are going to learn a little about the solar eclipse that will happen next Monday. We will do this work together. There will not be any test over this information.
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study vocab
study vocab
study vocab
study vocab
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**This week I have added a book to the homework. The students all have a book on his/her AR reading level. Your child should read this book nightly (about 15 min if possible) and fill out the reading log that is stuck in the book. When your child finishes, he/she will take an AR test on the book at school and choose a new one to take home. Please return the book daily so I can check on your child's progress. If you feel the book is too hard for your child, please let me know so he/she can choose a new one. If you feel that one reading of the book is not enough, please have your child reread the book over several nights. If I see your child is struggling on the AR tests, we will move your child to a lower level book. If your child is excelling, we will move up to a higher level. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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