Mrs. Winans's Class
Our Morning Prayer:
The sun is rising in the sky. Thank you, God, that You and I Can be together for this day. Guide me as I work and play. Amen

Fruit of the Spirit Prayer:
Help me, dear Lord, to show love, joy, and peace,
Goodness and self-control, too.
May I be patient and gentle and kind,
And always be faithful to You.

Opportunity for Volunteer Hours:
Race for Education April 28
Muffins with Mom (dad helpers) May 8 and 9
Book Fair May 2-12
Olympic Day May 24

$3 for Miss Nelson is Missing! by Playhouse on the Square (in house field trip) due ASAP. They will be here to perform on April 11.
Spring Pictures in nice clothes will be Wednesday, April 12. Students may change into their uniforms if you don't want them in their dress clothes all day.
Holy Thursday is a half day. There will be no lunch served and no aftercare that day. Good Friday and Easter Monday are holidays.

April 3-12

Math- We will be working on number patterns. We are working on counting by 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s.

Phonics- No phonics

English-We will be learning about adjectives. Adjectives describe nouns. They can tell how a noun looks, feels, smells, hears, and tastes. It can also tell the color, how many, what kind, and size.

Cursive- The students have finished learning all the lower case letters in cursive. They will be writing the first 5 spelling words in cursive for homework and on the test. On the test, they will write the designated five words in cursive and in print,

Reading- We have been reading and studying Fairy Tales. Last week, we read the traditional Little Red Riding Hood story. Students wrote a summary, focused on Little Red's character traits, and talked about the rule she broke and the consequences for doing so. This week we will read Lon Po Po, the Chinese version of Little Red Riding Hood. We will discuss some of the same skills using this story. Students will also compare and contrast the two stories. They will have a test over Lon Po Po on Friday.

Science/Social Studies- We are starting our unit on the solar system. This week and next we will be focusing on the sun and the inner planets.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

read book

**This week I have added a book to the homework. The students all have a book on his/her AR reading level. Your child should read this book nightly (about 15 min if possible) and fill out the reading log that is stuck in the book. When your child finishes, he/she will take an AR test on the book at school and choose a new one to take home. Please return the book daily so I can check on your child's progress. If you feel the book is too hard for your child, please let me know so he/she can choose a new one. If you feel that one reading of the book is not enough, please have your child reread the book over several nights. If I see your child is struggling on the AR tests, we will move your child to a lower level book. If your child is excelling, we will move up to a higher level. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

*Spelling homework will go back to the way it was. Students may choose the activity of his/her choice. Please make sure to sign on the proper form if they do a physical activity and the homework is turned in daily.

Spelling List

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